Tuesday, July 17, 2018 1:41 PM


MGI 3 Demos

You may download a demo installer of MGI for Macintosh OS X and Apache or Linux and Apache.

The demo version functions fully, but displays a "demo" header and footer on all pages processed by MGI (it does NOT affect the display of pages processed by other programs on your server such as ASP or PHP). The demo does not time out, so you my test MGI as long as you need.

MGI 3 Demo Registration Form

MGI 3 Installers and Updates

To install or re-install MGI, download the latest MGI installer. If you have an existing version of MGI installed on your web server, re-installing MGI will NOT overwrite your data such as preferences and databases. By default, a new installation of MGI is in demo mode. You may enter your MGI serial number and authorization code after installation using the MGI Server Admin web interface.

To update MGI, you may use the Version Tracker feature of the MGI Server Admin or use an installer to upgrade. To replace a specific module manually, you should stop the web server, replace the module, then restart the web server.

Download MGI 3 Installers and Updates