Tuesday, July 17, 2018 1:40 PM


You may download a demo installer of MGI for Macintosh OS X and Apache or Linux and Apache (view system requirements for each version).

The demo version functions fully, but displays a "demo" header and footer on all pages processed by MGI (it does NOT affect the display of pages processed by other programs on your server such as ASP or PHP). The demo does not time out, so you my test MGI as long as you need.

NOTE: The Advanced Module (containing the mgiPHP tag) is not active in demo mode. If you need to test specific PHP functions, please contact us..

You may activate a demo installer by purchasing a license.

To download an MGI 3 demo installer, please complete the form below. All fields are required. The demo installer information will be emailed to you, so please provide a correct email address (plus you'll be eligible for exclusive discounts, but don't worry, we only send a few emails a year).
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