Wednesday, August 15, 2018 4:13 PM

MGI is a plug-in to WebSTAR (Macintosh) and IIS (NT) with server side includes, send mail, forms processing, guestbook, authentication, banner ad, database, and E-commerce functionality along with many other goodies. For system administrators, MGI is virtually plug and play. For web site developers, MGI integrates quickly and easily with any design.

MGI is Simple To Use

MGI tags are easy to understand and easy to implement. Every tag from counters to guestbooks to shopping baskets and databases uses English-based, HTML-style tags. If you know the basic conventions of HTML, you can use MGI. ISPs can save hundreds or thousands of dollars in technical support and customer service. Companies with intranets save thousands on human resources because MGI allows the web designer to integrate powerful functionality without the need for a team of programmers.

MGI is Scalable

MGI includes everything you need to make your web site work out of the box - built-in database, e-commerce, programming functions, etc. And should any web site grow beyond your imagination, MGI can grow with you using ODBC databases.   One copy of MGI gives you the functionality for all of the web sites on your server. That's right, MGI can be used securely in a multiple-domain environment such as a web hosting company or ISP.

MGI is Fast

The MGI plug-in server and every MGI module, tag and function is written in compiled code rather than a scripted language. This means that MGI processes requests quickly and efficiently. In addition, the built-in MGI database engine is compiled directly into the code, so there is no processing delay that occurs when the database is a separate application. Our built-in database engine is fully multi-threaded to speed search times even further.

MGI is Client Driven

MGI was created in conjunction with a commercial web hosting service with thousands of clients. We field tested MGI with diverse, active web sites and continually incorporated the ideas, suggestions, and needs of those users into our product. And if MGI doesn't currently perform a function that you or your clients need, we've made the product extensible so that custom solutions and updates can be produced rapidly and integrated easily.

MGI is Versatile

MGI easily integrates into any web site flow, layout, or design that you can imagine. For example, you decide the counter font, the layout of guestbook entries, the placement of banner ads, the format of emails, the structure of the shopping basket, and the display of database results.

MGI is Flexible

Each MGI tag performs specific functions which can be used in novel ways. For example, the guestbook tags can be used to create guestbooks as well as online contests.

MGI is Adaptive

MGI can easily import any tab-delimited database file. Build your database in any program or directly in MGI using the web-based administration interface.

MGI is Extensible

With MGI's plug-in architecture, new functions and custom solutions can be written very quickly, often within hours or days, rather than months or years. The same goes for the enhancement of existing tags.

MGI is Cost Effective

To get the functionality of server side includes, send mail, forms processing, guestbook, authentication, banner ads, database, AND E-commerce, you would have to buy multiple products with a price tag from $2000 to $10,000! MGI includes all of that functionality and more at a fraction of the price. Using MGI, you can host your own web site in-house or start your own hosting business for less than $4000! We'll even give you advice and help you get started. Or you can host with an ISP that provides MGI access and your costs will be only $10 to $100 per month -- that's $1200 per year at most. Total. For a fully-functioning, fully secure, shopping basket system driven off a database.

There are no catches. We provide a quality product at a fair price - that's just our philosophy!