The mgiInlineDoNotProcess Tag

Tag Behavior

Use the mgiInlineDoNotProcess tag to prevent the MGI code within post arguments, path arguments, variables, and includes from being processed. The code inserted by a post argument, path argument, variable or include in the data parameter of the mgiInlineDoNotProcess tag is not removed from the page before it is served. (see also mgiDoNotProcess and mgiComment)

Tag Syntax

The mgiInlineDoNotProcess tag has one required parameter and no optional parameters,. The tag form is:

<mgiInlineDoNotProcess data="Data">

Required Parameters:

  • data - The data is the text, HTML, or MGI code that should not be processed. Any tag embedded in the data parameter will be processed, but the result of that tag (e.g., the value of the post argument or the data from an included file) will not be re-processed by MGI.

Optional Parameters:

  • None.

Example Usage and Output

<mgiInlineDoNotProcess data={mgiPostArgument name="Comments"}>

The mgiInlineDoNotProcess tag prevents any MGI code in the "Comments" post argument from being processed.

Suggested Usage

  • Dynamic Forms
  • Conditional Comparisons
  • Site Development and Testing
  • Site Security

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