The mgiComment Tag

Tag Behavior

Use the mgiComment tag to hide comments or MGI code that you do not wish to be processed. Information in the body of an mgiComment tag is removed completely from the page and is therefore not available in the page source when it is served. (see also mgiDoNotProcess)

Tag Syntax

The mgiComment tag has a beginning tag with no required parameters and no optional parameters, a body, and an ending tag. The tag form is:

Text, MGI Code, etc.

Required Parameter:

  • None.

Optional Parameters:

  • None.

Example Usage and Output

Coder: ABSmith
Date Modified: 10-24-2000
Notes: Modified search display.

The mgiComment tag allows you to make notes about page design, functionality, and other page characteristics without the typical appearance of the comment in the HTML source. In this example, one coder is commenting a database search for others during group development of a site.

Suggested Usage

  • Commenting Code
  • Site Testing
  • Group Site Development

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