The mgiPOP Tag

Tag Behavior

Use the mgiPOP tag to download emails from a POP email account and enter each email as a record in an MGI database. Depending on the POP account settings, emails may be left on the server or deleted from the server as they are downloaded. Attachments are stripped from the email and are not saved.

Tag Syntax

The mgiPOP tag has four required parameters and one optional parameter. The tag form is:

<mgiPOP username="Username" password="Password" 
mailServer="POP Server" databaseName="Database" 

Required Parameters:

  • username - The username is the login for the POP account.
  • password - The password is the password for the POP account.
  • mailServer - The mailServer is the incoming POP server that is used to retrieve the email.
  • databaseName - The name of the MGI database where email records are added. If the database does not exist, it will be created. Emails are parsed into the following fields:
    • Header (long text )
    • Message (long text )
    • Read (boolean )
    • Unique ID (text, 50, indexed, unique )
    • To (long text )
    • From (long text )
    • From Name (long text )
    • From Email (long text )
    • Date (long text )
    • Subject (long text )
    • Size (long text )
    • Return-Path (long text )
    • Received (long text )
    • X-Sender (long text )
    • Message-ID (long text )
    • Mime-Version (long text )
    • Content-Type (long text )
    • Status (long text )
    • AttachmentFileNames (long text ) (Not used - for future enhancement only).

Optional Parameters:

  • deleteMessagesOnServer - The deleteMessagesOnServer parameter determines whether messages downloaded by the mgiPOP tag are deleted from the server. If the deleteMessagesOnServer parameter value is "Yes", then messages are deleted from the server. If the deleteMessagesOnServer parameter value is "No", then message are not deleted from the server. Even if messages are not deleted from the server, duplicate messages are not downloaded. Check with your email administrator for specifics about your POP account. Some email servers do not allow email to be left on the server regardless of the email client settings, therefore your original email messages could be deleted even if the value of this parameter is "No".

Example Usage and Output

<mgiPOP username="archive5" password="HF4577dg" 
mailServer="" databaseName="TalkList">

In this example, emails from a talk list are retrieved from the "archive5" pop account and saved as records in the "TalkList" database.

Suggested Usage

  • Searchable Email Archives

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