The mgiIncludeFile Tag

Tag Behavior

Use the mgiIncludeFile tag to insert information from another file into the current page. (see also mgiIncludeHTTP)

Tag Syntax

The mgiIncludeFile tag has one required parameter and one optional parameter. The tag form is:

<mgiIncludeFile fileLocation="File Path" 

Required Parameters:

  • fileLocation - The fileLocation is the relative path of the file to display.

Optional Parameters:

  • verifyFileExistence - Whether or not to display an error page if the specified file does not exist. Valid values are "yes" and "no". The default value is "yes".

Example Usage and Output

<mgiIncludeFile fileLocation="file2.html">

In this example, file2.html will be inserted into the file containing the mgiIncludeFile tag at the location of the mgiIncludeFile tag.

<mgiIncludeFile fileLocation="notafile.txt" 

In this example, notafile.txt does not exist. Since the verifyFileExistence parameter is set equal to "no", an error page will not be displayed.

Suggested Usage

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  • Navigation

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