The mgiCloak Tag

Tag Behavior

Use the mgiCloak tag to display information only to visitors specified in the client list. The mgiCloak tag is useful for dynamically displaying search engine keywords to search engine clients without displaying them to other web site visitors.

Tag Syntax

The mgiCloak tag has a beginning tag requiring at least one of the two optional parametrers, a body, and an ending tag. The tag form is:

<mgiCloak allowedIP="IP Numbers" clientListLocation="File Path">
Information displayed to IP or Client matches

Required Parameters:

  • At least one optional parameter is required.

Optional Parameters:

  • allowedIP - The allowedIP is the IP number or client address of a visitor that is allowed to view the information in the body of the mgiCloak tag. To include multiple IP numbers, enter a comma-delimited list of IP numbers in one allowedIP parameter OR include multiple allowedIP parameters in the mgiCloak tag. The allowedIP parameter may contain wildcard values using an asterisk (*) (e.g., 215.233.144.*).
  • clientListLocation - The clientListLocation is the relative path to the file that contains a list of IP numbers and/or client addresses that are allowed to view the information in the body of the mgiCloak tag. Wildcard values are not allowed in the client list.

Example Usage and Output

<mgiCloak clientListLocation="clients.txt">
Apparel, Clothing, Scarves, Hats, Winter Coats, S
weaters, Boots, Gloves, Socks, Shirts, Jeans

In this example, search engine clients listed in the "clients.txt" file will be shown the keywords listed in the body of mgiCloak.

Suggested Usage

  • Search Engine Keyword Placement
  • Intranet Data Security

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