The mgiButton Tag

Tag Behavior

Use the mgiButton tag to create a submit button with a specified name, or an image to be use as a submit button. The mgiButton tag must be used in conjunction with HTML <FORM> tags to work in form submissions.

Tag Syntax

The mgiButton tag has no required parameters and three optional parameters. The tag form is:

<mgiButton name="Name" value="Value" imageLocation="Image">

Required Parameters:

  • None.

Optional Parameters:

  • name - The name is the button's unique post argument name. The default name is "Submit".
  • value - The value is the text displays on the submit button or the value of the image button. The default value is "Submit".
  • imageLocation - The imageLocation is the relative or absolute path to the image to use as a submit button. If the imageLocation parameter is not included, a standard submit button is displayed.

Example Usage and Output

<form action="shoppingbasket.mgi" method="post">
<mgiButton name="ViewSB" value="View Shopping Basket">

In this example, a standard submit button is created and links to a shopping basket page.

<form action="" 
<mgiButton name="CheckOut" imageLocation="Images/b_checkout.jpg">

In this example, a custom button is used to link customers to the secure check out page.

Suggested Usage

  • Form Processing
  • Shopping Basket
  • Database Searching

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