The mgiAuthenticateDB Tag

Tag Behavior

Use the mgiAuthenticateDB tag to protect access to pages using security options such as multiple usernames and passwords and IP numbers. Managing the access of specific users and groups of users is done via a web-based administration interface or via HTML forms and different modes of the mgiAuthenticateDB tag.

Tag Syntax

The mgiAuthenticateDB tag has eight modes. Each mode has different required and optional parameters. The eight modes of mgiAuthenticateDB are:

  • admin - Creates a web-based interface to manage specific users and groups of users.
  • authenticate - Regulates access to a page by requiring authentication of username, password and IP number (if specified). "Authenticate" is the defalt mode of the mgiAuthenticateDB tag.
  • authenticateIPOnly - Regulates access to a page by requiring authentication of an IP number only.
  • addUser - Adds a new user to the authentication database.
  • deleteUser - Deletes a user from the authentication database.
  • queryUser - Queries the authentication database for the existence of a user.
  • changePassword - Changes the password of an existing user.
  • sendPassword - Emails a user's password to the email address listed in the authentication database.

Click any name above to view the mode's full Tag Syntax and Example Usage and Output.

Suggested Usage

  • Password Protection for Multiple Users
  • Local LAN IP Authentication
  • Subscription or Member Systems
  • User Sign-Up Forms
  • Quizzes Start Date and Times

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