Using ODBC Databases

In the Beginner Tutorial section, learn guidelines for ODBC set up, tags that are affected by ODBC databases, and other isues that are specific to ODBC databases. In the Reference section, view a complete technical reference for each tag used for polls. In the FAQs section, read answers to frequently asked questions.

Beginner ODBC Tutorials

MGI is able to access ODBC databases with ODBC drivers. Some drivers are included in the MGI 2.x installers while others are included as part the the ODBC database's package. The following tutorials address some of the issues that you may encounter when using MGI with an ODBC database. We recommend that you read all of the tutorials before using MGI with an ODBC database. Please contact the ODBC database manufacturer for any questions regarding the installation of the database itself.

ODBC MGI Tag Reference (tags that can use ODBC databases)

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